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9th Wonder Profile

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In the United States there are millions of Black Americans between the ages of 28-40 that grew up in a time where hip-hop was diverse, informative, and soulful. These same individuals have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, etc., and still have a love of what hip-hop used to be. The media has demonized hip-hop in the last 10 years; so many Black Americans tend to shy away from the picture that the media has created for hip-hop. True School has changed the minds of the generation before us (50′s and 60′s babies) and let them know that emcees like Chuck D, Rakim, KRS ONE, The Native Tongues, Outkast, and countless others have had much of an affect on our lives as our teachers and educators.
(9th Wonder- True School)

Born Patrick Denard Douthit in Winston-Salem, NC, 9th Wonder is a Grammy Award Winning Producer, DJ, College Lecturer, and Social Activist. Since his introduction to hip-hop in 1982, 9th has been immersed in the music and culture of the art form, while gaining experience in music theory throughout middle and high school. 9th attended North Carolina Central University, where he decided to pursue a career in music. He, along with Phonte Coleman and Thomas Jones (Rapper Big Pooh), formed the hip-hop trio Little Brother in 1998.

In 2003 Little Brother released the critically acclaimed album The Listening, which received 4 mics in Source Magazine. That same year he released an unofficial mixtape of Nas' 2002 album God's Son entitled God's Stepson. The online release of the mixtape brought further recognition to 9th Wonder, and he is credited as the first producer to popularize releasing online mixtapes of whole albums.

Young Guru introduced 9th to Jay-Z, leading to the release of "Threat" on Jay-Z's 2003 release: The Black Album. In 2005, 9th released his second album with Little Brother, entitled The Minstrel Show along with his first solo compilation album, The Dream Merchant, Vol. 1. The Minstrel Show caused a few controversies in the industry, the first was a dispute between the editor and executives over the rating of the album in the Source Magazine.  This dispute led to the retirement of its Editor-In-Chief Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe in 2005. Another debate associated with The Minstrel Show was the refusal of BET to air the video of the hit single "Lovin' It", deeming it "too intelligent."  When Little Brother's third album Getback was being prepared for release in January 2007, 9th Wonder and Little Brother parted ways.

9th released The Dream Merchant, Vol. 2 shortly after the split and made an appearance on BET's Rap City with Talib Kweli, Madlib, Jean Grae and Erykah Badu in October 2007. 9th also collaborated with Kanye West, Mick Boogie, and Terry Urban on Kanye's 2007 mixtape, The Graduate. In 2004, 9th also produced several tracks on Destiny's Child's 2004 Destiny Fulfilled. (Girl, Is She The Reason, Game Over), won a Grammy with Mary J. Blige for her album "The BreakThrough" (Good Woman Down), Erykah Badu's "Honey" and "20 Ft. Tall" on the album New Amerykah 1 and 2, Ludacris' "Do The Right Thang", a song featuring Common and Spike Lee.   9th also has 3 albums with MURS, an Emcee that hails from MidCity, CA, in which all three albums have received critical acclaim.

9th was chosen by Aaron McGruder to score music for the critically acclaimed series "The Boondocks".  9th Wonder was one of 12 individuals selected by The Pepsi Corporation for the African American Calender, "The First Of Many". 9th is also worked on an album with Hollywood actor Idris Elba.

In 2006 9th Wonder and six other individuals founded the True School Corporation to celebrate the music, culture, and film of 70's babies and The Spike Lee Era. True School has changed the minds of the generation before us (50′s and 60′s babies) and let them know that emcees such Chuck D, Rakim, KRS ONE, The Native Tongues, Outkast, and countless other has had much of an effect on our lives as our teachers and educators.

9th was appointed Artist in Residence by former North Carolina Central University Chancellor James Ammons (now President of Florida A&M University) in the fall of 2006. An Artist in Residence is someone involved heavily in the music industry to conduct a course or seminar of a particular subject.  He is now currently an Adjunct Professor at Duke University while still traveling the country lecturing at different universities.

In 2008, he produced tracks and mixtapes for artists including E.Ness, Cans, NYOIL, Ludacris, Common, and Murs. In 2009, 9th Wonder announced his plans to start two independent record labels, Jamla and the Academy; under his imprint: It's a Wonderful World Music Group (IWWMG).  Jamla was eventually absorbed into the Academy, and the production team for IWWMG was announced in July 2010 as the Soul Council.  Late 2009 also saw the debut of 9th Wonder's rapping alter-ego 9thmatic. In January 2010, 9th Wonder returned to the classroom with Professor Mark Anthony Neal at Duke University and to co-teach a course called "Sampling Soul". He also serves as a spokesperson for Durham-P'Tones Records Studio, a collaborative studio with NCCU to provide music programs at no cost to Durham's inner city youth, which began in February 2011. He was also followed by independent filmmaker Kenneth Price in 2010, leading to the documentary film titled The Wonder Years, which featured 9th Wonder in his travels, in the classroom, in performances at the 2010 Rock the Bells Festival and in candid interviews about his life and career. He also collaborated with rap artist David Banner on the 2010 album Death of a Popstar.

In July 2011, 9th Wonder beats were featured in a rap recording by Chris Brown and featured on his mixtape Boy In Detention. On September 27, 2011, 9th released his fourth solo compilation album, the Wonder Years, featuring several artists he had collaborated with in the past including Phonte, Murs, Thee Tom Hardy and GQ.

9th Wonder explains:

"You have to see one to be one." Hip-Hop is now making its 20yr generational turn, and there are a new breed of artists who are children of the first hip-hop generation, that have studied that generation's sound, look, and feel. "If the younger generation..." he continues. With President Barack Obama's message, and the new movement of hip-hop hipsters... "Along with several colleagues, I plan to have Summits, Festivals, and lecture panel series throughout the year, to show kids the true manifestation of the hip-hop culture and lifestyles," 9th says.

"Hip-Hop is the voice of at least 2 generations. At one time, it was the POSITIVE voice, as stated earlier. Chuck D was the black history teacher I never had, along with countless other black Americans my age. It can be that again, but with the right voices and the right players. As the late Curtis Mayfield said, "We must educate and Well as Entertain."

1975- 9th Wonder is born in Winston-Salem, NC.
2003- Released the unofficial remix album of Nas' 2002 album God Son entitled God's Stepson.

2003- Produced Little brother's debut album The Listening.

2003- Produced "Threat" for Jay-Z's 2003 The Black Album.

2004- Produced "Girl," "Is She the Reason," and "Game Over" on Destiny's Child's 2004 album Destiny Fulfilled.

2005- Released his second album with Little Brother, entitled The Minstrel Show along with his first solo compilation album, The Dream Merchant, Vol. 1.

2007- Made appearance on BET's Rap City alongside collaborator Talib Kweli.

2007- Collaborated with Kanye West on The Graduate mixtape.

2007- Appointed Artist-In-Residence by the Chancellor of North Carolina Central University.

2009- Announced plans to start two independent record labels, Jamla and The Academy under Its A Wonderful World Music Group (IWWMG).

2010- Independent filmmaker Kenneth Price documented 9th Wonder's travels for an entire year and releases The Wonder Years, a documentary on 9th's life and travels.  

2010- Returned to the classroom with Professor Mark Anthony Neal at Duke University and to co-teach a course called "Sampling Soul".

2010- Death of a Pop Star, a collaboration album between 9th Wonder and David Banner is released.

2010- Appeared on BET's 106 & Park countdown with David Banner.

2011- Serves as a spokesperson for Durham-P'Tones Records Studio, a collaborative studio with NCCU to provide music programs at no cost to Durham's inner city youth.

2011- Released his fourth solo compilation album, The Wonder Years.


2013- 9th started 2013 strong, releasing a remix tape titled Black American Gangster with the new year, which gave the sound of Jay-Z's 2005 album American Gangster a trip to the 70s.  Cypher League covered his recently released single with Big K.R.I.T, and Now 9th Wonder presents "The Town", teaming up with Oakland emcee GQ.  The track will be on GQ's debut album Death Threats and Love Notes, scheduled to drop March 26th.    


9th Wonder Playlist
Below is a track list of the songs playing in 9th Wonder Audio Player at the the top of the page.
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1.    9th Wonder - Easy to Fly

2.    9th Wonder - Honey (Instrumental)

3.    9th Wonder - Just for You

4.     9th Wonder - No Time to Chill feat. Little Brother

5.    9th Wonder - Please don't go

6.    9th Wonder - Special

7.    9th Wonder - Sun is in the Sky

8.    9th Wonder - Wonderful

9.    9th Wonder & Buckshot - Hold it Down feat. Talib Kweli

10. 9th Wonder - Close Your Eyes (Instrumental)

11. 9th Wonder & David Banner - Slow Down feat. Heather Victoria

12. 9th Wonder & MURS - I Used to Love Her (again)

13.  9th Wonder & MURS - Love and Appreciate

14.  Jay-Z - Blue Magic feat. Cyrus

Album Art

Solo Albums           
Year    Title        
2005    Dream Merchant Vol. 1       
2007    Dream Merchant Vol. 2       
2010    9th's Opus: It's a Wonderful World Music Group Vol.1       
2011    The Wonder Years       

Collaboration Albums           
Year    Title        
2003    The Listening (with Little Brother)       
2003    Shake N Beats (Instrumental LP) (with Spectac)       
2003    Legsclusives (with L.E.G.A.C.Y.)       
2004    Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition (with Murs)       
2005    The Minstrel Show (with Little Brother)       
2005    Chemistry (with Buckshot)       
2005    Spirit of '94: Version 9.0 (with Kaze)       
2005    9th Gate (with Access Immortal)       
2006    Murray's Revenge (with Murs)       
2006    Cloud 9: The Three Day High (with Skyzoo)       
2007    Class is in Session (with Pete Rock)       
2008    The Formula (with Buckshot)       
2008    Jeanius (with Jean Grae)       
2008    Sweet Lord (with Murs)       
2008    The Corner of Spec & 9th (with Spectac)       
2010    Fornever (with Murs)       
2010    Death of a Pop Star (with David Banner)       
2012    The Solution (with Buckshot)       

Collaboration Mixtapes           
Year    Title       
2006    Battle of the Beats Round 1-2 (with The Alchemist & DJ E.Nyce)       
2007     9th Year Freshman (with Chops)       
2007    The Graduate (with Kanye West, Mick Boogie & Terry Urban)       
2008    The W.ide W.Orld of W.Rap (with E.Ness)       
2008    Album Mixtape Volume One (with Cans)       
2008    9 Wonders (NYOIL verses 9th Wonder) (with NYOIL)       
2009    The R&B Sensation Mixtape (with Tyler Woods)       
2009    Back to the Feature (with Wale & LRG)       
2009    The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Curse of Thee Green Faceded (with Thee
           Tom Hardy & Don Cannon)       
2010    To Hanses Mall (with Akello Light)       
2010    Album Mixtape Part 2 (with Cans)       
2010    The (Free)EP (with Actual Proof)       
2011    TP is my Hero (with TP)       
2011    Spring Cleaning (with Mike Schpitz)       

Compiliation and Remix Albums           
Year     Title       
2003    9th invented the Remix       
2003    God's Stepson - Nas (remix of Nas's album God's Son)       
2004    Black Is Back! - Jay-Z (Remix of Jay-Z's The Black Album)       
2005    The Remix EP (Remixed Songs of Smif-N-Wessun)       
2005    St. Marxmen - MOP        
2009    Wonder Years - 9th Wonder Golden Years Remix LP       
2010    9th invented the Remix...Again       
2010    Loose Joints       
2010    Food for Thought       

Produced Songs           
Year     Song (Album)    Artist   
1997    Night Riders    Boot Camp Clik ft. Aaliyah   
2003    Make Your Move    Hieroglyphics Full Circle   
2003    Threat ( The Black Album)    Jay-Z    
2004    Supa Love, "Don't Rush Me" - ( This Week)    Jean Grae    
2004    Good Ol' Love -  (A Long Hot Summer)    Masta Ace   
2004    Illuminate Part 1 (ft. Vursatyl) -  (Never Square)    Lightheaded   
2004    I See Now (Take 'Em to the    Consequence ft. Kanye West & Little Brother   
2004    "Girl", "Is She The Reason", "Free", "Game Over" -  (Destiny Fulfilled)
            Destiny's Child   
2004    Church (The Grind Date)    De La Soul featuring Spike Lee    
2005    Carolina Agents     Little Brother NBA 2K6: The Tracks   
2005    Good Woman Down (The Breakthrough)    Mary J. Blige   
2005    Heartburn (Monkey Barz)    Sean Price   
2005    Smoke the Pain Away, "Alright"  ( 534)    Memphis Bleek   
2005    Sugar (ft. Mother Nature) & "Rain Sleet Hail Snow"     Beyond   
2005    Hey Young World Pt. 2 (Love Life?)    Dave Ghetto ft. Phonte & Mystic   
2006    Dreams (The Return Of The Yardfather)    Saigon   
2006    Live from Amsterdam    Memphis Bleek   
2006    Special (The Healing)    Strange Fruit Project   
2006    Here We Come, "Take a Look (In the Mirror)", "So Focused Boot Camp Clik   
2006    One Night Stand ( Rotten Apple)    Lloyd Banks    
2006    Instigator (Ghetto Warfare)    M.O.P.    
2007    Brooklyn In My Mind     Crooklyn Dodgers]   
2007    Nowhere No More  (The Setup)    Eternia   
2007    P-Body, "Violent", "You Already Know", "Let It Be Known"  (Jes    Sean Price   
2007    First They Love You -(N*gger Nois    Bishop Lamont featuring Prime and Indef 
2007    I Just Want the Money (The Pope Mobile)    Bishop Lamont ft. Bokey   
2007    I Need More (Casualties of War)    Boot Camp Clik   
2007    Breakin' My Heart (Getback)    Little Brother ft. Lil Wayne   
2007    Think Good Thoughts  (Comeback Season/"This Is Me")   
           Drake ft. Phonte and Elzhi   
2008    Cold Success ("Viva La Hova")    Jay Z & Coldplay   
2008    Honey (New Amerykah)    Erykah Badu    
2008    Be prepared  ( Absolute Value)    Akrobatik feat. Little Brother   
2008    Here We Go (Picture This)    DJ K.O. feat. East & Silent Knight    
2008    "There You Go", "Water feat. Edgar Allen Floe & Lazurus"
           ("The Summer Sessions EP") Kooley High   
2008    Do the Right Thang     Ludacris feat. Common & Spike Lee    
2008    What Is, "So Far", "Shine" (The Streetwise LP)    Edgar Allen Floe    
2008    Left 4 Dead (We Mean Business)    EPMD feat. Skyzoo   
2008    I'm Innocent, "Love and Appreciate II", "Breakthrough" (Murs for President)
2008    On The Low     Royce Da 5'9" The Album   
2009    Meet Me In The Zone (Not The Average Joe (Street Album)/President MoeRoc   2009    Rear View Mirror (The Delightful Bars)     Rapper Big Pooh   
2009    "Wonder Why" (feat. Wale, Big Sean & Mike Posner), "Sum Ish For Dave"
           (feat. Haysoos) (It's Still Real (mixtape))    Kenn Starr    
2009    "Do Remember", "We Are", "We Belong" (The Power Of Words)    Skyzoo    
2009    Past Present Future ("Survival Skills - Collaboration Album")   
           KRS-One And Buckshot (feat. Melanie Fiona & Naledge)   
2009    S.P.I.T. (EA Sport NBA Live Mixtape)    David Banner & GQ   
2009    Tito Santana (Escape Route)    Joe Budden    
2010    Slow Down (Death Of Pop Star)    David Banner    
2010    20 Feet Tall- (New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh))    Erykah Badu    
2010    X And Bill (Brand Nubian) (La Coka Nostra/Non Phixion) ("Wild Cowboys II")
           Sadat X Ft Ill Bill   
2010    Shinin  (4:57 PM)    Laws   
2010    Every    Rapsody   
2010    Move On Em (feat. Marvwon & Gotta Be Karim) - ("Megatron Major R
2010    Beast     Wale   
2010    Actual Proof (The Free EP)       
2010    The Way We Feel (Previously Unreleased)     Christopher Williams    
2011    The Sender     Median   

Produced Albums           
Year    Album    Artist    # of Tracks Produced
2001    Paper Gods    Cesar Comanche    10 of 17
2004    Sleepers    Rapper Big Pooh    6 of 14
2005    The Ripple Effect     Splash    7 of 14
2005    Squirrel In The Aces    Cesar Comanche    5 of 17
2005    Project Mayhem    L.E.G.A.C.Y.    11 of 19
2005    Wooden Nickels 1998–1999 Revisited    Cesar Comanche    9 of 16
2006    Separate But Equal    DJ Drama & Little Brother    5 of 22
2006    Where's Calvin     Binky Fingers     9 of 15
2006    Floe Almighty     Edgar Allen Floe     5 of 12
2007    Median's Relief      Median    4 of 16
2007    Jesus Price Supastar    Sean Price    4 of 16
2008    Carnage    Chaundon    4 of 14
2009    Die In Your Lap     Cesar Comanche     5 of 15
2009    In The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap     E.Ness     9 of 12
2009    The Salvation     Skyzoo     5 of 16
2010    Entrapment     Big Remo     4 of 16
2010    Victoria's Secret     Heather Victoria    2 of 14
2010    Return Of The B-Girl     RapSody     14 of 20
2010    Light Beers Ahead Of You     Sean Boog     5 of 22
2011    Talented Tenth     Actual Proof     5 of 20
2011    Mahogany Experiment     Tyler Woods    13 of 14
2011    Heat Writer 2     HaLo     4 of 14
2011    Graffiti Diary     Heather Victoria     2 of 13
2011    Phantom of the Jamla     Sean Boog     4 of 16
2011    Robinhood Ree     Big Remo    8 of 22
2011    Thank H.E.R. Now    Rapsody    10 of 20
2011    Boy In Detention     Chris Brown    2 of 21
2011    Still Hotter Than July    Actual Proof    4 of 21
2011    Charity Starts At Home     Phonte    4 of 12

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