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Website Design and Coordination
Chhay Chunn
Kyle Kilat
Marcyliena Morgan
Alvin B. Carter III
Dawn-Elissa Fischer

Website Consultants:
The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute Crew

Circle Blog Design
Design and Concept: Kyle Kilat , Chhay Chhun, Marcyliena Morgan

Logos & Posters
The six logos on the main page, which were subsequently used and manipulated on the rest of the pages, as well as the 9-28-02 and 4-17-03 Roundtable posters were created by Artists for Humanity (AFH), building sustainable futures for Boston teens with art, entrepreneurship and a permanent home away from home-the energy sustainable AFH EpiCenter. www.afhboston.com.

Roundtable poster for 3-04-06 is by Scape Martinez (http://liquidscape.com).

Hiphop Valentine art created by Ariel (February 2006)

Katrina Knows Posters (October 2008) by Alvin B. Carter III, Marcyliena Morgan, Vera Grant

Katrina Knows: Don't Talk About It Be About It Video:
Director/Editor - Harold Shawn
Producer - Marcyliena Morgan
Consultants - The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute Crew

Katrina Film Festival:
Marcyliena Morgan
Alvin B. Carter III
Daylan Dufelmeier
Kedamai Fisseha
Akshata Kadagathur
Mark Ragheb
Uchechi Iweala

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