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Hiphop Archive Material Collection

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute materials include but are not limited to:

  • Interviews - (Video, audio, print, cyber) of artist, fans, producers and youth committed to the continuation and preservation of the art form
  • Magazines and Journals - This includes newsletters, on-line magazines, chat rooms and other forms of print dissemination.
  • Promotion Materials - Advertising art and various depictions and documentation from individual artists, record companies and fans.
  • Academic Materials – This includes all publications, and university and college debates, events, courses and other activities.
  • Recording Histories - Organized according to artists, families and crews.
  • Social Organization - They will include all forms of meetings, groups and gatherings that represent and contribute to hiphop culture.
  • Youth Symbols and Signifiers: This will include a special selection of drawings, graffiti and recordings of regional, national and international symbols used to represent the surroundings and location of urban youth.
  • Material Culture: All products generated by and used in Hiphop culture nationally and internationally not specified above.

We are currently working with artists, community based organizations, universities and the entertainment industry to create an archive scope which includes a spectrum of Hiphop cultural production that represents both the national and international landscape. If you have materials you would like to contribute to the collection, please contact us at: info@hiphoparchive.org.

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