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Fresh off the European leg of his “Would You Like A Tour” Tour, Drake decided to surprise everyone with a late night release via his blogspot blog. Why Drake hasn’t gotten someone on OVOXO to log on to GoDaddy and buy the domain instead of rolling round with the free .blogspot.com url is beyond me. I also do not know why Drake decided to release two songs in the middle of the night as if his fans didn’t have class and work and obligations the next day. In actuality, who am I to question Aubrey since “Draft Day” has been on loop since he released it!

The thing is, Drake is questioning Drake. And so are many others in the game and on the internet since really, when one reflects about it — Drake was not supposed to be successful. His singsong flow and genteel mannerisms went against everything rap was known for when he came on the scene. His dewy eyes and chubby cheeked smile are the hallmarks of a young, well-mannered banking intern. Plenty has already been said about Drake’s interesting approach to the Hiphop community. What I’d like to suggest, is that the reason Drake still inspires so much love and derision is precisely because of this disconnect.

When Kendrick Lamar creates a diss track, it’s a diss track. Sometimes he even drops people’s legal birth names so there is zero room for interpretation on who he’s coming for (if you didn’t know J.Cole’s full name was Jermaine you knew after “Control” came out). When Drake creates a diss track, it’s actually just him making vague references that you need to read into, which I’m completely fine with. Such is the case with “Draft Day”.  A discordantly snazzy sample of “Doo Wop” by Lauryn Hill is the backdrop for Drake’s fangirling over Johnny Manziel, delicious raw oysters, and Jennifer Lawrence. There’s a mention of his alleged Somali hit men who chill in lobbies ready to catch some bodies, but is this song a response to Jay-Z’s “We Made It Remix”? Possibly. Half the lines are cutesy Drake joking about hard boiled eggs and Division 1 football, but there are some slick comebacks and he challenges all his peers to loop his track if they’re feeling bold. Switching back and forth has kept and the blogosphere on their toes trying to figure out exactly what his intent was. I’ll tell you now though, his intent was exactly that. Soft and cuddly at parts, rough braggadocio at others, both aspects come together for the confusing mix that keeps us all coming back for more of that new Drizzy.

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