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World Hiphop is currently in a "draft" stage. Please feel free to send feedback to info@hiphoparchive.org.  

World Hiphop

The purpose of World Hiphop is to facilitate the cooperation of individuals, students, artists and organizations that use hiphop art and culture as a vehicle for communication, research, education and political and social development throughout the world. Hiphop art and culture has spread into a global phenomenon, The Hiphop Archive facilitates an intensive examination of this worldwide community.

In particular, World Hiphop focuses on the arts, health, education and social and cultural collaboration. Unique to the international Hiphop arena, World Hiphop will combine the innovation of this global art, cultural and political form with the grassroots style outreach of youth organizations, and the expertise, resources and influence of The Hiphop Archive.

Hiphop has ushered in an international culture that foretells the struggles, politics, lives and desires of youth and adults throughout the world. With a powerful ability to spark grassroots communication between youth both locally and internationally, World Hiphop speaks to the experiences of these groups in their language, and with their voices. World Hiphop will center its focus on the political and social issues addressed by this international community, such as health problems, poverty and social and political conflicts. Because Hiphop is the language of African Diaspora's next generation, international youth from the townships of South Africa, Maasai Villages in Tanzania, clubs in New York City, to the concert halls of Amsterdam, London and Paris already rhyme about corruption, HIV/AIDS, and civil war, creating a powerful outlet for protest and global recognition. By localizing and vocalizing American Hiphop beats into French, Wolof, Arabic, Hebrew, Twi, Swahili, and Spanish, Hiphop is a tour de force that can inspire creativity by providing youth with alternative spaces and venues to voice their opinions, and educate and empower one another.

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