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The Circle: ARTS

10 Years of Hiphop Archive!

As we reach the end of another school year we want to congratulate our newest graduates and Hiphop Scholars: Julienne Coleman, Keara Cormier-Hill, and Mark Ragheb. We are so grateful to our undergraduate researchers who've helped us make the Archive what it is today.

Film Review - Say My Name

Say My NameSay My Name (2009) is a documentary that excavates many of the lost voices of women in Hiphop. Directed by Nirit Peled and produced by the production company Mamamess, the film presents a broad look of past, present and future female MCs of Hiphop music in the United States and London.

Katie Couric Interviews Lil' Wayne

Lil_Wayne_-_Grammy_Special_Interview_with_Katie_Couric.jpgGrammy Nominee Lil Wayne talks to Katie Couric.

51st Grammy Awards Starring Lil' Wayne

lil-wayne-carter-3-cover_real.jpgNew Orleans rapper Lil' Wayne is nominated for eight Grammys.

Kanye "Rotoscope" West

Kanye_West_-_Heartless_NEW_FULL_2008_HQ_Video_Song.pngSee what happens in the rotoscoped world of Kanye West in "Heartless." Also watch the Beastie Boys' "Shadrach," and the rotoscoping video tutorial from Youtube.

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