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Back Off! - Occupy Hiphop: “Be Inspired”

Back Off_0.jpgThis is the final column of the year and it has been a notable year for Hiphop.  Hiphop has been a presence in nearly every major event in the world. Cutting edge scholarship, educational initiatives, social justice activities and artistic events have rocked the nation and planet.

Hip and Hop, Don't Stop!

HipandHop_3.jpgJef Czekaj's Hip and Hop, Don't Stop revisits the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare with a contemporary twist. The quirky children's picture book features Hip, a young green turtle and Hop, a boisterous hare.

Back Off - "When the Power of Words Causes Us to Move"

Back Off.jpgKnowledge is to Hiphop what freedom is to humankind.  We covet knowledge and are passionate about it.  We not only want knowledge, but we want more of it - all the time.  We test it, claim that we have it, argue about it, show off our knowledge... (read more)

Review - Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest

Had you seen me in that movie theater, laid back in my chair, picking at my five dollar Buncha Crunch candy, it wouldn't have taken much scrutiny to see that I was keyed up.  There's something about A Tribe Called Quest that makes you want to see them on a screen.

The Rappin' Mathemetician

bio photoIf my middle school math teacher broke out into a rap about the quadratic formula, I might not know how to handle myself in a classroom. However, for Alex Kajitani's students, a rapping mathematician is exactly what keeps them motivated to come to class.

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