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Film Review - Say My Name

Say My NameSay My Name (2009) is a documentary that excavates many of the lost voices of women in Hiphop. Directed by Nirit Peled and produced by the production company Mamamess, the film presents a broad look of past, present and future female MCs of Hiphop music in the United States and London.

My 2010 Hiphop Resolution

Chhay Crop.jpgIf you tell me that Hiphop is dead, then I'd tell you that you are not doing enough individually and/or socially to resurrect it. Being Buddhist, I was born into a world of spirits, where I was in constant communication with another world, one that demanded respect for your ancestors.

Review: Tao of Wu by RZA

tao-of-wu.jpgThere are many ways to wisdom but RZA has definitely found his own unique path. The wisdom of the Abbot, the founder of one of hip-hop's most enigmatic crews, Wu Tang Clan, is, well, bizarre. Perhaps that doesn't come as a surprise to many familiar with Wu Tang, who know their lyrics, their personalities and their worldview. As someone who has wondered about the numerology, the alter egos and what exactly those chambers represent, RZA's Tao of Wu is illuminating.

"We Are Africans": Reviving Pan-Africanism, One Music Video at a Time

jjc recruiting.jpgNigerian-born hiphop artist JJC and fans celebrated the UK's Black History Month with the release of a new single and music video titled "We Are Africans." This militant anthem calls for unity among people of African descent, with JJC and his crew, Big Brovas, shouting out to the continent and the diaspora. "As long as you've got black in your skin, say it loud, say it proud: you are African!"

Get Down with DJ Hero

DJ Hero PicIt's like Guitar Hero, but it gets the party jumpin'. That's what fans are saying about a new turntablism video game, DJ Hero.

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