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He's All Grown Up

kobe-bryant-lakers-2008-championship_nc.jpgUnlike many other people, I sat and watched the final seconds of the NBA finals on June 14th with a smile on my face. Not because I dislike the Orlando Magic (although they did defeat my Boston Celtics in the second round) and not because I had a rooting interest in the Lakers (in fact, being a Celtics fan, I have been bred over the years to hate the Los Angeles Laker franchise).

The Future: Front Page

Front Page - 1 Sitting in a dimly lit recording studio, rapper and Northeastern University student Front Page, isn’t worried about upcoming finals, his busy class schedule, or a term paper deadline.


You Think It's A Game?

Rapstar.jpgThere have been a host of music based interactive video games such as Guitar Hero and Rockband.  Now it is Hiphop's turn.

Grading Obama

Grading Obama.jpgThe Daily Show clip, Grading Obama, questions if electing President Obama has taken the novelty out of stereotypical "black" humor. 

Reflection Eternal Back Again?

reflectioneternal.gifYou are now listening to the sounds of Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek... 

And maybe now, we actually might be listening to more sounds from Reflection Eternal.

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