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Daily Beast Covers Hiphop Fashion

liza west beast.jpgToday's front page of The Daily Beast features an article by Elizabeth Gates titled, "Does Kanye Dress Too Gay?"

Who You Put On?

rappers_1.jpgYoung Jeezy proclaimed that he "put on" for his city which is all good. The question for the established rappers out there now is how have they "put on" for the boys in their crew?

Mixtape Murder versus Album Battery

mixtape picture_3.jpgHope the blog title caught your attention. No we're not talking about the latest beef between 50 cent and Officer Riicckkyy, but the difference in music quality between rap artists' mixtapes and their marketed albums.

Where are the Ladies?

MIA at grammy's.jpgAs hip-hop is expanding its paradigm for what is normative and authentic, women should be encouraged to create their own niches and define their music and their images outside of the archetypes that have traditionally been placed before them.


Too Much Auto-Tune?

kanye-storytellers.jpgShould rappers be entitled to modify and manipulate their voices in whatever fashion they deem appropriate for their artistic vision or does Auto-Tune pollute the form?

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