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Katie Couric Interviews Lil' Wayne

Lil_Wayne_-_Grammy_Special_Interview_with_Katie_Couric.jpgGrammy Nominee Lil Wayne talks to Katie Couric.

Obama Motivates Hiphop Heavyweights

Young_Jeezy_-_My_President.pngPresident Barack Obama has inspired a number of popular hiphop artists. Checkout these Obama themed songs and videos, and tell us what you think.

51st Grammy Awards Starring Lil' Wayne

lil-wayne-carter-3-cover_real.jpgNew Orleans rapper Lil' Wayne is nominated for eight Grammys.

Kanye "Rotoscope" West

Kanye_West_-_Heartless_NEW_FULL_2008_HQ_Video_Song.pngSee what happens in the rotoscoped world of Kanye West in "Heartless." Also watch the Beastie Boys' "Shadrach," and the rotoscoping video tutorial from Youtube.

It's A New Day for Will.I.Am and the Nation

It_s_A_New_Day_-_will.i.am_-_Dipdive.com.jpgBarack Obama's election victory has kept the creative juices flowing for many artists around the world. "It's A New Day" is one of the latest creative offerings that sings the sentiments of this years election.

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