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Barack Is In The Building

Obama Acceptance Speech.jpgBarack Obama is the President-elect!

Watch his acceptance speech and comment.

Politics As Usual?

OBAMA_PREPARES_FOR_DEBATE__everything_he_can_t_say_.jpgThe internet has been flooded with videos that capture the media's analysis of the presidential candidates and their campaigns. There have also been just as many videos that satirically play with the likness of the candidates and their political views. Tell us if you can be Hiphop and watch these videos?

"My Future's Backlit"


Like Water For Robots, digital hip-pop is blasting through YOUr TUBE.  These videos express the future with elements we may find familiar.

NY Governor Pardons Hip-Hop Pioneer

Slick RickRicky Walters, a 43-year-old hip-hop pioneer known for the rap classic "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick" and was convicted of attempted murder in 1991, has received a full pardon from Gov. David A. Paterson. The governor said in a statement that he decided to pardon Mr. Walters, who was released from prison in 1997, to prevent him from being deported to Britain, where Mr. Walters was born and lived until the age of 11.

Words of Wisdom From Sista Souljah - By Davey D

In celebration of International Woman's History Month we went digging in the crates and pulled up some old yet timeless tapes of Sista Souljah. Many of y'all may know her as an author. She's given us two incredible books called 'No Disrespect' and the 'Coldest Winter Ever'.

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