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The Hua Hsu Collection

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The Hua Hsu collection contains a variety of Hip-Hop related magazines and well as scholarly work about hip hop. Included within this collection are two books, including an uncorrected proof of There's a God on the Mic: The True 50 Greatest MC's by Kool Mo Dee. The magazines within this collection are Scratch, URB, The Source, XXL, Complex and Down Beat. Scratch, URB, Source, XXL and Complex are mostly from 2000-2008. Both Down Beats were published in the mid and late ‘70s. The Hua Hsu collection is the Hip Hop Archive's most comprehensive collection of URB magazine and Complex magazine thus far.

Although the titles of magazines within the Hua Hsu collection contain some mainstream magazines such as The Source and XXL, the collection of URB, Complex and Down Beat offer articles and images directly from underground hip hop. Complex, a newer publication created by fashion designed Marc Ecko, offers two separate covers per issue and articles about both hip hop as well as other musical forms. URB also covers both underground hip hop artists but also rock and roll and country.

The Hua Hsu collection of scholarly work and magazines shows the many bridges hip hop has made to other genres of music and culture.

About Hua Hsu
Hua Hsu received his PhD from the History of American Civilization program at Harvard University. He is currently on the editorial board of the New Literary History of America and his scholarly interests include transpacific literary history, American intellectual history, cultural studies, and arts criticism. He is an occasional contributor to the New York Times, the Atlantic Monthly, Slate and The Wire.

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