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Hiphop After School is dedicated to exploring Hiphop within the realm of education. This site features lesson plans, college syllabi, scholarly articles and other resources for students, educators, and researchers. In gathering these sources, we have tried to cover a wide range of opinions and standpoints. While The Hiphop Archive does not necessarily endorse or promote the views expressed in these materials, we believe they are valuable to a study of Hiphop Education.

Hiphop Education is a fast growing field with unforeseen potential to positively impact today's youth. We hope to provide you with a comprehensive collection of current hiphop education techniques and scholarship. Check back for updates as we continue to explore these exciting developments in education.

Featured Videos

 Sesame Street - "I Love My Hair"  Willow Smith - "Whip My Hair"

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 Will Smith - "Parents Just Don't Under Stand"  Kriss Kross - I Missed The Bus

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The Math Rapper on CBS News  

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  YOUmedia is American Innovation,Born Chicago: A Poem for YOU (Bring it Back Remix)

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Nas - "I Know I Can"

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After School Feature:
Soirée - What Is It?

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More On Soirée
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Featured Article:

Arts Sanctuary offers "Hiphop 101 Guide Book
by Decoteau J. Irby

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