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images.jpgNneka is a Nigerian-born, German based hiphop/soul artist. At the age of 18 she traveled to Hamburg to attend college and start her career as a musician. Her music draws from her personal experiences and political perspectives of life in both Nigeria and Germany. Her lyrics maintain a level of political consciousness - stressing themes from capitalism to poverty and war. Musically, her work combines elements of soul, reggae dancehall, dance pop, hip-hop, rock and African rhythms. While Nneka cites Bob Marley and Fela Kuti as her influences, her music has often been likened to the work of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. Nneka's albums include ‘Victim of Truth' (2005), No Longer at Ease (2008) and Soul is Heavy (2011). In each album, Nneka explores a range of themes and invokes spiritual references as she both sings and raps. 

 Nneka Lyrics


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Victim of Truth (2005)

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Concrete Jungle (2010)

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Soul Is Heavy

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Nneka Timeline


Born in Warri, Nigeria to an Igbo-Nigerian father and German mother



Left Africa at age 19 to attend Hamburg University in Germany where she would earn a degree in Anthropology while simultaneously pursuing her music career



Began working closely with hiphop beatmaker DJ Farhot



Gained her first moment in the limelight when she opened for Sean Paul in Hamburg Stadtpark



First EP ‘The Uncomfortable Truth' released under the label of Yo Mama's Recording Company

Performed on her first tour with Patrice Bart-Williams 

Completed recording of first album, ‘Victim of Truth' which was released across Europe and received rave reviews 



Second album released, ‘No Longer at Ease'



Single titled ‘Heartbeat' broke into UK Singles Chart

Began tour with Lenny Kravitz in France

Nominated for three categories of the 2009 Channel O Music Video Awards

Won the Best African Act award at the 2009 MOBO Awards

Chosen by Beyond Race Magazine as number eleven of their "50 Emerging Artists." In November, Nneka launched her first U.S. tour.


Appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman
Concrete Jungle
released as first U.S. release
Agreed to tour with Nas and Damian Marley


Third album titled ‘Soul is Heavy' released

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Nneka - Africans

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Nneka - Heartbeat

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Nneka - My Home

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Nneka - Shining Star

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Nneka - Soul is Heavy

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Nneka - Stay

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Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth

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Nneka - Walking

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Nneka feat. Ziggy Marley - Express Yourself

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