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Brazilian Hiphop Magazines

"Pode Crê", (Can You Believe It), was the first Brazilian Hiphop Magazine. Produced in four issues by "Gelédes - Instituto da Mulher Negra", this magazine brought biographies, debates about racism, black Identity and culture, and the Hiphop scenario in São Paulo to the light.

You can find some of these issues in the "Hiphop Archive" collection.

1st. Issue:


2nd Issue:


3rd. Issue:


4rd. Issue


After "Pode Crê", others magazines were produced, as example: "Rap Brasil: Cultura de Rua" (around forty issues),"Planeta Hiphop", "Rap Rima", etc.

Today, 2012, the most popular Hiphop Magazine produced in Brazil is the named "Revista Rap Nacional", project that is born in 2010. Bellow you can look the cover of first issue.

rap nacional.jpg

No. 2

Rap Nacional No. 2


























No. 5

rap nacional no. 5

No. 7

rap nacional no. 7

If you want to buy this magazine, click here.


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