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Prepare Yourself: Meet The Real Hiphop

Prepare Yourself is a general introduction to Hiphop art, politics and culture. Prepare Yourself is designed for those who know little or nothing about Hiphop and for those who want to check their facts - or ours. Our categories are organized around events and topics that are of interest to a wide audience, including individuals, educators and community groups that often use this site. In many cases, we will refer you to the Hiphop Portal and other locations so that you may continue your search for information. As we work to address the wide range of individuals, groups and organizations that make requests and demands regarding information, we invite you to build with us!

At Prepare Yourself, we want to engage you and encourage you to think about why Hiphop means so much to so many people. We cannot recreate Hiphop culture here, but we can try to represent some of the creativity and ideas that have developed throughout Hiphop. Our hope is that you can feel the love and commitment of Hiphop.

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