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Hiphop Archive Fellowship

The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute @ Harvard University

Situated at the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute is one of the premier research archives of its kind.  Since the early 1970s, Hiphop has become the most influential artistic, educational and social movement for youth and young adults. The Archive is committed to exploring the work and ideas of youth to ensure their fair representation and involvement in all aspects of society. From The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute's inception in 2002 under the direction of Professor Marcyliena Morgan, students, faculty, artists, staff and other participants in Hiphop culture have been committed to supporting and establishing a new type of research and scholarship devoted to the knowledge, art, culture, materials, organizations, movements and institutions developed by those who support and follow Hiphop. In response to this movement The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute organizes and develops collections, initiates and participates in research activities, sponsors events, acquires material culture associated with Hiphop in the U.S. and throughout the world and awards fellowships to extraordinary individuals working in and with Hiphop. We regularly survey organizations, scholars, activists, students and others for issues of importance directly relevant to Hiphop culture and scholarship. Our goal is to make resources and scholarship more accessible by highlighting organizations, individuals and scholars who are documenting and representing ideas, theories, projects, social movements, educational and health initiatives, that arise out of Hiphop.



The Fellowship Program

Program Background

"Build. Respect. Represent." -The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute

The Fellowship program is at the heart of the activities and mission of the Hiphop Archive and Research Institute.  Archive Fellowships are intended for women and men who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts in connection with Hiphop. The Archive offers annual or semi-annual fellowships at Harvard University to further the development of Hiphop scholars and artists by assisting fellow's engagement in research or creative projects in any of the arts. Consistent with the motto of the Archive to build, respect and represent, the Archive seeks projects from scholars and artists designed to build on the rich and complex Hiphop tradition, to respect the tradition through historically grounded and contextualized critical insights, and most importantly, to represent one's own creative and/or intellectually rigorous contribution to Hiphop and the discourse through personal projects. Personal projects of Fellows may include manuscript projects, performance pieces, album work, curriculum planning, primary archival research, seminar teaching and exhibition preparation, among others.



The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute's Fellowship mission is to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture and responsible leadership through Hiphop with the exchange of artists and scholars in residence at the Archive. We are uncompromising in our commitment to build and support intellectually challenging and innovative scholarship that both reflects the rigor and achievement of performance in Hiphop and transforms our thinking and our lives.



A Fellow receives the Archive Fellowship for up to one (1) academic year. The fellowship consists of an institutional payment and arrangement with Harvard University (accepted by the University in lieu of all tuition and fees for the fellow) and a stipend. Most Archive Fellows provide their own additional funds through external fellowships, grants, corporate sponsorship or sabbatical support. The Archive stipend, though, which varies from year to year, is available for partial Fellowship stipends, in an amount not less than [$15,000] each academic year.

Further, the Archive Fellowship provides a residential appointment at the Hutchins Center. This resident appointment provides considerable benefits, including the following: office space, computer and technology support in Harvard Square, use of a research assistant and full access to the extensive research and library resources of Harvard University. Further information about the Hutchins Center and an Archive Fellow's joint appointment may be found here: http://dubois.fas.harvard.edu/fellows-program.


Eligibility Requirements

Eligible candidates must be U.S. citizens with at least five (5) years experience research, working with, studying or creating artistic projects directly connected to Hiphop and its discourse. Successful applicants will show evidence of exceptional academic achievement and/or artistic excellence in Hiphop.


How To Apply

Please visit the following link to learn how to apply: http://dubois.fas.harvard.edu/application-process

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