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Interview with Cathy Cohen

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Professor Cathy Cohen, David and Mary Winton Green Professor in Political Science and the College; Deputy Provost for Graduate Education

About Professor Cathy Cohen

Cathy Cohen's general field of specialization is American politics, although her research interests include African-American politics, women and politics, lesbian and gay politics, and social movements.

She is the author of the book The Boundaries of Blackness: AIDS and the Breakdown of Black Politics (University Of Chicago Press, 1999), the co-editor with Kathleen Jones and Joan Tronto of Women Transforming Politics: An Alternative Reader (New York University Press, 1997) and Democracy Remixed: Black Youth and the Future of American Politics (Oxford University Press, 2010).

Cohen also is editor with Frederick Harris of a new book series from Oxford Press entitled Transgressing Boundaries: Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities.

In Prof. Cohen's new role as Deputy Provost for Graduate Education, she leads a critical assessment of the graduate experience across the University, considering new programs and paradigms necessary to define graduate education for the future.

She is principal investigator for The Black Youth Project: http://www.blackyouthproject.com/


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