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The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute is committed to exploring the work and ideas of youth and to ensure their fair representation and involvement in all aspects of society. The programs, projects, activities and events in this section highlight the Hiphop Archive and Research Institutes's contribution to the ongoing work of Hiphop culture.

Hiphop culture often generates remarkable and important activities and programs throughout the US and the world.  The Hiphop Archive and Research Institute creates, organizes and supports research projects and events that reflect issues and topics in Hiphop art, culture and politics.   We regularly survey organizations, scholars, activists, students and others for issues of importance directly relevant to Hiphop culture and scholarship.

Our goal is to make resources and scholarship more accessible by highlighting organizations, individuals and scholars who are documenting and representing ideas, theories, projects, social movements, educational and health initiatives, etc. that arise out of hiphop.


Current Projects:

  • End It Now: HIV/AIDS
  • Hiphop Scholars Writing and Research
  • Feminism, Sexuality and Hiphop
  • Hiphop and Ethnic Studies
  • Hiphop Arts and Aesthetics
  • Hiphop and Education
  • Latina/o Hiphop
  • Hiphop as Theory
  • Journalism, Scholarship and New Media
  • Hiphop and the Law
  • Hiphop and Health
  • Hiphop and Spirituality
  • Global Hiphop
  • Hiphop Linguistics



Featured Project:

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