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Lyrical Workout Session - Author Meets The Critics: The Anthology of Rap

Thursday, November 18, 2010
2pm - 4pm: Open Lyrics Reading
4pm - 6pm: Author Meets The Crtics
6pm - 7pm: Reception

The Hiphop Archive is going to have a Lyrical Workout Session event called Author Meets The Critics: The Anthology of Rap on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at the Hiphop Archive at 4:00pm. This Author Meets The Critics event will feature the The Anthology of Rap editors Adam Bradley and Andrew DuBois.

The critics of this anthology of hiphop lyrics are going to be Jamaica Kincaid (Claremont McKenna College), Cheryl Keyes (UCLA), and Emmett Price (Northeastern University). 

Open Lyrics Reading from 2- 4 pm in which we would like for Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students to participate. There is a reception and book signing from 6 - 7 p.m. as well.

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