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Everything done under the name of Hiphop Archive is designed to address the quality of life of youth and young adults and ensure their equal representation and involvement in all aspects of society. Though there is a tremendous amount of activity that relies on hiphop culture, many facilitators, groups, organizations and institutions develop their programs without access to the wide variety of resources available and without knowledge that others are working in a similar and often complimentary vein. Some programs begin from scratch, recreating already existing materials and rarely share insights and are therefore unable to benefit from available resources.

To achieve the goal of increased youth representation, organizational, artistic, intellectual and resource exchange, and to encourage the communication and collaboration of organizing efforts, research programs, arts collaborations, empowerment and educational programs, The Hiphop Archive facilitates, collaborates and provides leadership and expertise through the following initiatives:

* End It Now: HIV/AIDS
* Hiphop Scholars Writing and Research
* Feminism, Sexuality and Hiphop
* Hiphop and Ethnic Studies
* Hiphop Arts and Aesthetics
* Hiphop and Education
* Latina/o Hiphop
* Hiphop as Theory
* Journalism, Scholarship and New Media
* Hiphop and the Law
* Hiphop and Health
* Hiphop and Spirituality
* Global Hiphop
* Hiphop Linguistics


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