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The Next Move: A Conversation with J. Cole

See below for video coverage from the Hiphop Archive's newest artist series, The Next Move. Professor Marcyliena Morgan talks with J. Cole about his roots, his approach to writing and producing his own music, the role of his family in his career, and the meaning of his signature line "play the game to change the game."

"Game Recognize Game": Hip Hop Lessons on the Game of Business with Ben Horowitz

This past April, innovator and venture capitalist leader, Ben Horowitz inspired us with his wisdom and blog-writing-style of bringing together Hiphop lyrics and business principles. See above for the playlist that was inspired by his presentation and see below for a full video of his conversation with Dr. Marcyliena Morgan, introduction by Dr.

All Eyez On Me Conference Videos

 All Eyez On Me Conference - Part 1

Introduction & Panel 1:THEORETICAL T.H.U.G. BATTLES:

Cutting Edge Series: 9th Wonder Talk & Film Screening

9th Wonder
Talk & Documentary Film Screening

Author Meets The Critics: Pimps Up, Ho's Down Panel

Author Meets The Critics Panel Clip: Tracy Sharpley-Whiting

The Anthology of Rap Recap - Photo Gallery & Video


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Adam Bradley     Andrew DuBois     Cheryl Keyes

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Lyrical Workout Session: The Anthology of Rap

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