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Young & Gifted Learning

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So what has Hiphop done that is new and innovative when it comes to vocabulary? Plenty! In Hiphop, Words can become symbols that communicate multiple meanings. In order to determine what a word really means we must have local and background knowledge. The knowledge needed to interpret and use Hiphop words correctly includes the following.

Higher Learning

In this section we provide advanced explanations for some of the linguistic aspects of hiphop. We will regularly update this section to address particular questions that may be raised within discussions of words and zones.

Vocab Fundamentals

Communication in any language is based on a system. If you know the system, you have the power over ideas and imagination. You can build, change, plan, play and destroy. Language is a system of sounds and symbols. The sounds mean something when we combine them in certain ways through speaking and using letters and alphabets to write.

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