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A Century of Jazz

Title: A Century of Jazz: From Blues to Bop, from Swing to Hiphop
Author: Carr, Roy
Publisher: Da Capo Press, Cambridge, MA
Copyright: 1997
ISSN/ISBN: 306807785

The late 1990s marks 100 years of jazz, from the earliest reference to the New Orleans band fronted by the legendary trumpeter Buddy Bolden, the first traceable group that played what was subsequently labeled "jazz."

A century of jazz is the first-ever chronicle of the major influence in the popular music of the 20th century. Richly illustrated with a wealth of rare photographs and graphic material, and set in the context of popular music generally, A CENTURY OF JAZZ is the definitive illustrated celebration of jazz history, jazz people and jazz style.

Leading a team of major jazz writers, Roy Carr, award-winning New York Times best-selling author, broadcaster and record producer is Executive Editor for IPC Magazines music titles (Melody Maker, New Musical Express & Vox). Amongst the many books published under his name he co-authored the seminal style bible THE HIP: HIPSTERS, JAZZ & THE BEAT GENERATION as well as compiling/annotating numerous albums for Blue Note, Chess, Pacific Jazz, Riverside and Savoy.

Language: English

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