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African American Vernacular English

Title: African American Vernacular English: Features, Evolution, Educational Implications
Author: Rickford, John
Publisher: Basil Blackwell, Oxford
Copyright: 1999
ISSN/ISBN: 631212450
Image/Cover: afam-vernacular.jpg

In response to the flood of interest in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) following the recent controversy over "Ebonics," this book brings together sixteen essays on the subject by a leading expert in the field, one who has been researching and writing on it for a quarter of a century.Rickford's essays cover the three central areas in which questions continue to come in from teachers, students, linguists, the news media, and interested members of the public:- What are the features of AAVE/Ebonics and how is it used?- What is its evolution and where is it headed?- What are its educational implications?The answers to these questions are sometimes matters of controversy even within linguistics, the scientific study of language, but Rickford's essays - written between 1975 and 1998 - provide an informed commentary on them based on systematic research rather than the opinionated misinformation that dominated media commentary on Ebonics.

Language: English

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