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Black Picket Fence

Title: Black Picket Fence
Author: Goes, Sergio
Publisher: Image Entertainment
Copyright: 2002

Tiz has a dream. He wants to be asuccessful hip-hop rapper, get out of the projects and have a nice house in the suburbs where he can chill without worrying about a bullet in his back. But at 25, with a young son and close friends depending on him, is real escape ever possible? An inspiring story of survival, this hard-hitting documentary from award-winning Sergio Goes follows Tislam Miller, a struggling rapper in the public housing projects of Brooklyn's East New York. Mentored by the legendary Kool G Rap, Tiz is making impressive strides in his career but remains tied to his old life, primarily through his drug-dealing best friend, Mel, who has just gotten out of prison. With candid interviews, lyrical moments of grim beauty and powerful verite footage taking us beyond rap world stereotypes, Black Picket Fence is an powerful experience honored by the Brooklyn International Film Festival.

Language: English
Copies at the Archive: 1

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