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Blackening Europe

Title: Blackening Europe: The African American Presence
Author: Raphael-Hernandez, Heike
Co-authors: Paul Gilroy
Publisher: Routledge, New York City
Copyright: 2003
ISSN/ISBN: 41594399

This collection explores the social products and meaning of Europe's fascination with African America. After a historiographical review, the volume divides into three parts. Part I examines early, classic influences (jazz, Josephine Baker, Katherine Dunham) through an Afro-centric perspective. Part II looks at contemporary cross-fertilizations like Finnish Pop and Hungarian Rap to mark the development of cultural relations. Lastly, through essays that question the Enlightenment's silence on slavery, the growth an anti-immigrant politics, and the integration of gypsies in Romania, Part III submits a theory of Europe's blackening, a draft model of how race and ethnicity can be understood in a unavoidably multicultural Europe.

Language: English
Pages: 336
Copies at the Archive: 1

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