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  • Just-Us Magazine Newsletter.
    Just-Us Magazine Newsletter. Oakland: Just-Us Magazine Newsletter, 2000.
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  • Latifah, Queen.
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  • Leonard, John.
    When the Kissing Had to Stop: Cult Studs, Khmer Newts, Langley Spooks, Techno-Geeks, Video Drones, Author Gods, Serial Killers, Vampire Media, Alien Sperm-Suckers, Satanic Therapists, and Those of Us Who Hold a Left-Wing Grudge in the Post Toasties New World Hip-Hop. New Press, 2000.
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  • Midwest Gap Enterprise.
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  • Mouvements: Hip-hop.
    Mouvements: Hip-hop.. Paris: La Découverte, 2000.
  • New Jack Enterprises, Inc.
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  • Pacoda, Pierfrancesco.
    Hip hop italiano: suoni, parole e scenari del posse power. Einaudi, 2000.

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