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Title: Cholo
Author: Hahn, Karen Von
Publisher: The Globe and Mail, Canada
Copyright: 2004


 (Excerpt from article)

Like their L.A. hipster counterparts, who flock to lucha shows, collect lucha figurines and tune in stoned to Mucha Lucha! (the No. 1 kids cartoon in the United States), they are barrio wannabes. And their "cholo" look -- wearing bandannas folded flat over their buzz cuts and sporting clothing tattooed with Old English lettering just like the Latino outlaws, or cholos, of L.A.'s gang-riddled East Side -- is fast replacing hip-hop as the next new style signifier of street credibility.

Body-hugging Hollywood label Juicy Couture, a favourite with the yummy-mummy set, puts Old English font (the style of cholo prison tattoos) on its must-have label. Designer jean label Rogan embroiders it right on the trouser leg. Rap artist Missy Elliott and popster Christina Aguilera have recently worn bandannas and cholo-style "brims" on stage. 

Language: English
Periodical: The Globe and Mail
Pages: L3

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