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Daniel's RIde

Title: Daniel's RIde
Author: Perry, Michael
Co-authors: Lee Ballard
Publisher: Free Will Press, San Francisco
Copyright: 2001
ISSN/ISBN: 867196416

A small Latino boy goes for a ride in big brother Hector's '63 Impala convertible "complete with spider hydraulics and gold wire wheels." Daniel snaps his fingers to the loud boom-boom of the radio, loves the look and even the smell of the car, and when he's spotted his peers as he zooms by, he knows he's "gonna be the coolest kid in school." But-big brother has a bigger plan in mind. He offers the boy a deal: high-school graduation with college plans for Daniel, and then he'll have the car for his very own. Of course, Daniel accepts the condition.

Language: English/Spanish
Pages: 32
Copies at the Archive: 1

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