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Eminem A.K.A.

Title: Eminem A.K.A.
Author: Corbera, Mike
Publisher: Xenon Pictures, Santa Monica
Copyright: 2004

Follow the life of this hip-hop phenomenon from his turbulent early years with his broken, dysfunctional family through his struggles as a young father in a troubled marriage, his evolution as a rapper, and the creation of the "Slim Shady" persona that ultimately made him a star. Clinical psychotherapist, Linda Bortell, adds perspective and explains Eminem's metamorphoses from traumatized child to determined young man. Eminem: AKA presents the inside story of the biggest-selling, most controversial and most remarkable hip hop artist ever. featuring extensive interviews with his mother (the notorious Debbie Mathers who sued her son for defamation of character), his grandmother and his late uncle Todd, as well as music industry colleagues and others who knew him in his formative years, here at last is the real 8 Mile! 

Language: English
Copies at the Archive: 1

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