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First Hip-Hop, Now Cholo Style

Title: First Hip-Hop, Now Cholo Style
Author: La Ferla, Ruth
Publisher: The New York Times Company
Copyright: 2003

Section 9 Column 2


 (Opening Paragraph)

PATRICIO GASIA, 20, flaunts his own brand of street cred, one part hip-hop two parts cholo, which is slang for the Mexican-American gangster style that originated in East Los Angeles. His street-tough look, a composite of oversize T-shirt, visored cap and pastel-tinted rosary, was enhanced by his bicycle, a low and streamlined trick bike, customized with baroque metallic flourishes. Mr. Gasia, a busboy who works in Spanish Harlem, spoke last week through a friend and interpreter. His style "comes from people of color but with a Latino twist," he said. The idea is to look, he said, "chingaso -- ready to fight, like a gangster."

Language: English
Periodical: The New York TImes
Pages: 1

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