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Gender, Race and Class in Media

Title: Gender, Race and Class in Media: A Text-reader
Author: Dines, Gail
Co-authors: Humez, Jean
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc., Thousand Oaks
Copyright: 1995
ISSN/ISBN: 803951647
Image/Cover: gender-race-and-class-in-media.jpg

Incisive analyses of mass media -- including such forms as talk shows, MTV, the internet, soap operas, television sitcoms, dramatic series, pornography, and advertising--enable this provocative new edition of Gender, Race and Class in Media to engage students in critical mass media scholarship. Issues of power related to gender, race, and class are integrated into a wide range of articles examining the economic and cultural implications of mass media as institutions, including the political economy of media production, textual analysis, and media consumption. Ten new, original essays are included in this text, along with compelling previously published articles and book chapters by both established media scholars and new voices in the field. Together with new section introductions by Gail Dines and Jean Humez, the readings provide a solid yet accessible critical introduction to mass media studies.

Pages: 648

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