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Hiphop Literacies

Title: Hiphop Literacies
Author: Richardson, Elaine
Publisher: Routledge, New York & London
Copyright: 2006
ISSN/ISBN: 415329280
Image/Cover: 9780415329279.jpg

Hiphop Literacies is an exploration of the rhetorical, language and literacy practices of African Americans, with a focus on the Hiphop generation. Richardson analyses the lyrics and discourse of Hiphop, explodes myths and stereotypes about Black culture and language and shows how Hiphop language is a global ambassador of the English language and American culture. Richardson examines African American Hiphop in secondary oral contexts such as rap music, song lyrics, electronic and digital media, oral performances and cinema and brings together issues and concepts that are explored in the disciplines of folklore, ethnomusicology, sociolinguistics, discourse studies and New Literacies Studies.

Language: English
Pages: 142
Copies at the Archive: 2

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