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Hitz & Disses

Title: Hitz & Disses
Author: Eminem
Publisher: Trinity Home Entertainment
Copyright: 2000
Image/Cover: Hitz and Disses

Motor Town Detroit is home to the best white rapper on the block and his name is Eminem. Unlike some bullgods of rock, this guy did have it real tough growing up- he's legit. Tough times make tough folks and Eminem has rapped his way up since the age of 14. A victim of school bullies and the white guy accepted the black neighboorhood, he's still angry as hell, as deadly grooves like "Brain Damage" show. With the release of "The Mashall Mathers LP" Eminem has gone back to his rap roots and kicked some butt! With lyrics of hypnotic quality and bizzare twists, he pulls the tails of showbiz types he hates. So, check out this video and find out more about Mashall Mathers, aka Eminem, Slim Shady.

Language: English

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