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Home Girls Make Some Noise!

Title: Home Girls Make Some Noise!: Hip-hop Feminism Anthology
Author: Pough, Gwendolyn D.
Co-authors: Elaine Richardson, Aisha Durham, Rachel Raimist
Publisher: Parker Publishing, LLC, Corona, CA
Copyright: 2007
ISSN/ISBN: 1600430104
Image/Cover: 160043010401_aa_scmzzzzzzz_.jpg

Home Girls Make Some Noise! Hip Hop Feminism Anthology seeks to complicate understandings of Hip Hop as a male space by including and identifying the women who were always involved with the culture. The anthology explores Hip Hop as a worldview, as an epistemology grounded in the experiences of communities of color under advanced capitalism, as a cultural site for rearticulating identity and sexual politics. With critical essays, cultural critiques, interviews, personal narratives, fiction, poetry, and artwork; the contributors are varied, from women working within the Hip Hop sphere, Hip Hop feminists and activists "on the ground," as well as scholars, writers, and journalists.

Pages: 495
Copies at the Archive: 2

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