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I Will Forever Remain Faithful

Title: I Will Forever Remain Faithful: How Lil Wayne helped me survive my first year teaching in New Orleans
Author: Ramsey, David
Publisher: Oxford American: The Souther Magazine of Good Writing

An article that combines the author's two loves: rap music by way of Lil' Wayne, and combating social injustice by way of teaching.


"On New Orleans radio, it seems like nearly every song features Lil Wayne. My kids sang his songs in class, in the hallways, before school, after school. I had a student who would rap a Lil Wayne line if he didn't know the answer to a question.


An eighth grader wrote his Persuasive Essay on the topic "Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive." Main ideas for three body paragraphs: Wayne has the most tracks and most hits, best metaphors and similes, competition is fake."

Language: English
Pages: 5
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