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Islam in the African-American Experience

Title: Islam in the African-American Experience
Author: Turner, Richard Brent
Publisher: Indiana University Press, Indiana
Copyright: 1997
ISSN/ISBN: 253216303

This newly updated history of Islam in the black community traces the involvement of African Americans with Islam to its roots in the Middle East, West Africa, and antebellum America, and then tells the story of the "Prophets of the City" -the leaders of the new urban-based African-American Muslim movements in the twentieth century.  It places the study of Islam in the context of the racial, ethical, and political relations that influenced the reception of successive presentations of Islam, including the West African Islam of slaves, the Ahmidiyya Movement from India, the Orthodox Sunni practice of later immigrants, and the Nation of Islam.  In addition to an updated bibliography, the revised edition features a new introduction, which assesses the impact of 9/11 on African-American Muslims, the growth of a mainstream Islamic community among African Americans, and the contemporary interactions between Islam and hip hop culture. 

Language: English
Pages: 312
Copies at the Archive: 1

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