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Jovens Na Metropole

Title: Jovens Na Metropole: Etnografias de circuitos de lazer, encontro e sociabilidade
Author: Cantor Magnani, Jose Guilherme
Co-authors: Bruna Mantese de Souza
Publisher: Editora Terceiro Nome, São Paulo
Copyright: 2007
ISSN/ISBN: 2147483647

 The Sao Paulo economy includes various youth groups. This book asks what unites these groups, what motivates them, how do they connect, and how do they relate with one another?

The book (with the translated title, "Young People in the Metropolis"), draws on research from the Nucleo de Antropoligia Urbana da Universidade de Sao Paulo including ethnographic research used to describe, analyze, and understand forms of sociability, forms of appropriation of urban space, paths, and exchange relations or conflicts between groups.

Language: Portugese
Pages: 265
Copies at the Archive: 1

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