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Keepin' It Real

Title: Keepin' It Real: School Success Beyond Black and White
Author: Carter, Prudence L.
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Oxford, England
Copyright: 2005
ISSN/ISBN: 2147483647

Keepin' It Real refutes the facile, convenient assumptions that minority students reject certain practices, such as excelling in school, and this thier own mobility, because they fear that peers will accuse them of forsaking their own racial and ethnic identities. Drawing on survey fieldwork and interview data from low-income Latino and African-American youth in New York, Prudence Carter here shows that they are no different than other youth in valuing education as the key to economic mobility. Rather, resistance to "acting white" indicates a rejection only of the generic American, "white," middle-class styles of interaction, speech, dress, and musical tastes. Indeed, the most successful negotiators of our school systems are "multicultural navigators"; culturally savvy teens who harvest resources from multiple traditions to strategically negotiate different expectations and achieve their high ambitions. Carter concludes with positive steps that educators, parents, community leaders, and students can take to promote cultural insight and intercultural communication and thus help ensure that school success has no color.

Language: English
Pages: 219
Copies at the Archive: 1

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