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Latino Stereotypes Following Us to Work

Title: Latino Stereotypes Following Us to Work
Author: Woodard Maderazo, Jennifer
Publisher: VivirLatino.com
Copyright: 2006



Are there "Latino values" or is that just a broad mish-mash of ideas based on both the diversity that is found within the Latino community and on stereotypes? How does this idea of "Latino values" follow us into the workplace? A recent survey by the National Society for Hispanic Professionals (NSHP) asked just this question.

When I worked in investment banking as an analyst, one day I was called into the office of my managing director. I thought one of two things was going down. I was being fired for my big mouth or I was getting a promotion for my work, especially since I was the only Spanish speaker in an area that was closing deals with banks and companies in Latin America. I hadn't anticipated the third option, the option that meant that no matter how well I worked I still would be viewed as "other". My managing director called me into his office so I could tell his Latina maid what she had to do that day."

Language: English

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