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O Hip-Hop Esta Morto!

Title: O Hip-Hop Esta Morto!: A Historia de Hip-Hop no Brasil
Author: C., Toni
Publisher: Creative Commons, Sao Paulo
Copyright: 2012
ISSN/ISBN: 2147483647

This is a fictional book, with real drama. Narrated in the third person, the book presents an informal language, with the rhythm of Rap. The work is the task of bringing the history of the Hip Hop movement in Brazil and its international influences to the general public. The text brings additional elements for even the most enthusiastic hip hop lovers. But it is also an excellent "introductory guide" for those who want to discover more about this culture. Artists, activists, and true milestones of hip-hop appear chronologically. Rational Mc's in MC Cauan, take their origins in the center of the metropolitan region of São Paulo and spread until the corners of the periphery, nothing evades the main character. This novel Toni C. will seem to the reader to be an almost autobiographical account of Hip-Hop. The movement is personified by the author, gaining life, voice, and above all, personality-- everything in an original way and faithful to the movement. The work also brings 28 photos of great icons of the history of Brazilian hip-hop.

Language: Portuguese
Pages: 151
Copies at the Archive: 1

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