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Out of the Mouths of Slaves

Title: Out of the Mouths of Slaves
Author: Baugh, John
Publisher: Univ. of Texas Press, Austin
Copyright: 1999
ISSN/ISBN: 292708734
Image/Cover: 029270873401_aa_scmzzzzzzz_.jpg

Table of Contents:

Part 1. Orientation
1. Some Common Misconceptions about African American Vernacular English
2. Language and Race: Some Implications of Bias for Linguistic Science
Part 2. The Relevance of African American Vernacular English to Education and Social Policies
3. Why What Works Has Not Worked for Nontraditional Students
4. Reading, Writing, and Rap: Lyric Shuffle and Other Motivational Strategies to Introduce and Reinforce Literacy
5. Educational Malpractice and the Ebonics Controversy
6. Linguistic Discrimination and American justice
Part 3. Cross-cultural Communication in Social Context
7. The Politics of Black Power Handshakes
8. Changing Terms of Self-reference among American Slave Descendants
Part 4. Linguistic Dimensions of African American Vernacular English
9. Steady: Progressive Aspect in African American Vernacular English
10. Come Again: Discourse Functions in African American Vernacular English
11. Hypocorrection: Mistakes in the Production of African American Vernacular English as a Second Dialect
12. Linguistic Perceptions in Black and White: Racial Identification Based on Speech
Part 5. Conclusion
13. Research Trends for African American Vernacular English

Language: English

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