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Pode Cre!

Title: Pode Cre!: Musica, Politica e Outres Artes
Author: Carranca, Flavio
Publisher: JP Publicidade, San Paulo
Copyright: 1994

Featured Articles:

Cover Story:

Thaide & DJ Hum: The pioneers of San Paulo rap tell their story

Other articles:

Kwame N'Krumah was one of the most important African leaders of this century. See into some of his life.

Bezerre da Silva is synonymous with samba and racial consciousness. Check out the interview.

Kid and Tarobinha: the "Volleyball Monster" and "Skateboard Beast" give the message.

Profiles: Eugenio Lima and Will Robson drive the modern production of black music

Language: Portuguese
Pages: 45
Copies at the Archive: 1

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