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Title: Ruminations
Author: KRS-ONE
Co-authors: Tavis Smiley
Publisher: Welcome Rain Publishers, New York
Copyright: 2003
ISSN/ISBN: 1566492742

In Ruminations, KRS-ONE's very first trade bok, he reflects as only he can on a remarkable range of topics, including the past, present, and future of Hip-Hop, the most glaring challenges facing the music industry, the undeniable influence of African-American and urban culture on mainstream America, and the discipline and knowledge needed by today's Hip-Hop artists to make it in a world where the odds are stacked against them. In fluid prose imbued with unwavering honesty and humanity, KRS-ONE addresses many of the most important social and political challenges facing Americans of all colors in the 21st century.

Language: English
Pages: 224
Copies at the Archive: 2

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