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Saturday Night Live The Best of Chris Rock

Title: Saturday Night Live The Best of Chris Rock
Author: Rock , Chris
Co-authors: Saturday Night Live
Publisher: NBC Home Entertainment
Copyright: 2003

Chris Rock is one of the greatest comic minds of his generation, and it all started on Saturday Night Live. Watch the best of The Dark Side with Nat X, I'm Chillin, and Def Jam - and maybe even learn how to survive the Apollo. The Best of Chris Rock also features bonus material, including hilarious outtakes and scenes that were cut after Dress Rehearsal and never seen until now. 

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Surprisingly, the comedian

Surprisingly, the comedian Chris Rock will truly rock your world due to his documentary about the hair industry called “Good Hair”. Are you interested? Worry no more because this documentary will be coming out soon in your nearest theatre. Yes, that’s right. The documentary is packed with astonishing information, and takes on the hair industry and hair culture of African American women from anthropological, sociological, and economic viewpoints. According to an interview on Oprah.com, he got the idea from his daughter who complained about her hair just a bit too much for his taste.

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