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Spiritual Minded

Title: Spiritual Minded
Author: KRS-One and The Temple of Hiphop
Co-authors: T-Bone, Smooth B., Rampage, B.B. Jay,
Publisher: KOCH Records, New York, NY
Copyright: 2002

Track Listing:

1, Opening

2, Lord live Within My Heart

3, Take Your Tyme

4, Take It to God

5, Good Bye

6, South Bronx 2002

7, Never Give Up

8, T Bone Speaks

9, Tears

10, The Struggle Continues

11, The Conscious Rapper

12, T Bone Speaks Again

13, Trust

14, Come To The Temple

15, Ain't Ready

16, God Is Spirit

17, Know Thy Self

18, G. Simone Speaks

19, Dayz Ahead

20, Power

Language: English
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