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Still Standing

Title: Still Standing: A Youth Organizers Television Documentary On Hurricane Katrina
Author: Youth Organizers Television
Co-authors: YO-TV / Educational Video Center

Still Standing is an intimate portrayal of the challenges faced by Katrina survivors as they rebuild their lives in New York City and in New Orleans. Still Standing puts a human face to the stories of corruption and incompetence that jeopardize the lives and well-being of Katrina survivors six months after the storm. Daina is a single mother looking for housing, employment and the chance to reunite with her children; while Bilal's post-Katrina experiences drive him to become politically active. Bilal's mother, Ms. Gertrude, is a New Orleans homeowner caught in a real estate frenzy. Still Standing reveals familiar issues in American urban communities: the neglect of poor and minority neighborhoods, the inadequacy of public assistance to provide long-term solutions and the struggles necessary to bring about positive change.

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