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The Homeboy

Title: The Homeboy
Author: Gebroe, Dave
Publisher: Delta Entertainment
Copyright: 2002

It's been three years since white rapper, MC Squared (Dave McCrea), released his triple platinum album, "Theory of a Sell-A-Tivity" and now his career's headed straight down the drain. Desperate to plug his upcoming record, Squared blows a crucial television interview, throwing a wrench into his plans for a comeback. Even his custom-made sink is refusing to take any garbage. But it's when Squared unites with his plumber, old school hip hop star Hoolie Hooligan, that his troubles really begin, Keepin' it real on the road to fame ain't easy, but as "The Homeboy" proves, it's what's inside the rapper that counts.

Language: English
Copies at the Archive: 1

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